San Giuliano Farm

Passion for wine and hospitality

An imposing hill, rich of history for the the Neive’s country. A name, San Giuliano,, which is identified with the territory where there is the historical main city. The Farm resumes this identity:
the vine growing lands are concentrated in the municipality of Neive, with a small part in the Roero in Piobesi d’Alba.

Pastura Family

A passion, a job

The Pastura family has always worked the land, and the choice to move to viticulture was made by the owner Giulio who together with his wife has given birth to the Farm in 1987.

The great passion for the work in the Vineyard and the attention in the winery processes dedicated to wine, have allowed a steady grouth to Giulio and Mariella.

Wine and hospitality
The idea of give to the customers a place where you can admire the Langa’s landscape has grown with the intent to know more and more our wines. . Wine tasting, presence at trade fairs, relationship with sellers, with buyers: all steps that Pastura family care in the details.all steps that Pastura family care in the details. The wine produced is appreciated all over the word where our philosophy and passion for wine and hospitality finds estimators.

San Giuliano

is passion

“Being in contact with the vineyard and propose my wine in the great cities of the world is satisfying and stimulating, and it is for me more than a job, it’s a passion.

The whole philosophy of San Giuliano Farm lies in the words of Giulio Pastura.

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