The Vineyards

The vineyard,the contact with the grapevine,the handwork

Three determinant aspects to get an high quality grape. During the main processes the handwork is preferred and the check of the quality is done right from the earliest stages of budding with green pruning, thinning and the minimum number of chemical agents. All steps are followed in first person: most of the strains are aged between 50 and 70 years.

The owned vineyards cover a total area of about 7 hectares, and have an exhibition that ranges from the south-east, the south and the south-west. Neive is the common where are worked the majority of the vines, which draw the land parcels on the hill of San Giuliano. A portion is also present in Piobesi d'Alba. The crü are San Giuliano, which extends over the entire hill of the farm, and Marcorino, from which you get a superior Barbera.

The land
, thanks to the presence of limestone and clay that come together in the marls, gives to the wine color, fragrance and structure, in favor of a quality that distinguishes the territory of Neive.

The winery

Our wines


Balance and structure since the vineyard

From the processing of Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Moscato, Brachetto, Arneis, Manzoni blended, San Giuliano Farm offers thirteen types of products.

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